MangaPanda is a website that offers free manga materials that you can read on any device. The website interface is cross-platform friendly, and you can enjoy all your favorite manga titles in just a touch of a finger.


If MangaPanda is a great website for you, then you would be even happier with the rest of the list that we prepared for you. Here are the 21 websites like MangaPanda that you should also check out.

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21 Websites like MangaPanda

Disclaimer: Reading mangas online for free may or may not be illegal. We are listing the following sites only for educational purpose, We do not recommend you illegally read mangas for free.

1 ZingBox

ZingBox is one of the best manga sources on the internet that you should also check out. They have a great list of manga series that you will need to bookmark the site right away. This site is a treasure trove of all things great about manga.

The site has a friendly-looking interface that will make navigation through the website a lot easier and familiar. Check the ZingBox now and enjoy your favorite manga right away.

Site link –

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2Manga Reader

Manga Reader is the place to go when you want the latest chapter release of your favorite manga title. This is even more useful if your favorite manga title is a popular one. They have one of the most updated continuously libraries that you will love this site right from the very first visit.

Site link –

3Otaku Smash

Otaku Smash is not just your ordinary manga source. The site is also offering free American comics from DC and Marvel alike. So if you have a taste for not just Japanese manga but also other platforms, Otaku Smash is not something you should miss out.

Otaku Smash has a user-friendly interface so you should feel at home here. Check out the site and bookmark it for one-tap access when it’s that time of the day for reading.

Site link-

4Manga Fox

Manga Fox is a cross-platform website that offers free manga series. They release new chapters every day, and they do this regularly.

The site has a simple looking interface on laptops and desktops, but once you see their mobile version, you will love them even more. They have a straightforward theme that you might like. Click the link now and see the site for yourself.

Site link-


If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you will know what kaka lot means. Yes, the MangaKakalot is one of the top manga collectors on the internet. Read all your favorite manga series for free and no need to sign up. Just find your favorite manga title, and you are reading in just a few clicks.

Site link-

6 TenManga

TenManga is the complete package for all your manga cravings. It has the latest and a huge library for all the manga that has ever been created. They have the classics, and they also have new ones. The popular titles are a given, but the rarest ones would be a very great addition. And all of it is here.

Site link-

7Manga Rock

Manga Rock is the paradise for all manga lovers. It has a complete list of all popular manga titles, and you will never be disappointed. Their collection is regularly updated so you will have your dose of fresh manga chapters without fail.

Site link-


MangaFreak is your next favorite manga source on the internet because they have it all for you. They have the latest releases plus some rare pieces that you cannot usually find from other websites. The site is free for all, and there is no need to sign up just to get your manga fix.

Site link –


MangaTown website is a free website for manga lovers and different type of manga fans. You can get all the latest releases of manga in any categories such as Vampire, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Adventure etc.

Site link-

10Manga Freak

Another great manga source with the same name is the Manga Freak. While the name is the same as the one mentioned above, the library of this site is immense and impressive.

Site link-

11Manga Stream

Manga Stream is a straightforward, simple website that offers free manga series. While their list is not that huge compared to other websites listed here, they have at least some of the most popular ones. Not to mention that the admin of this site is a translator of the manga posted here as well.

Site link-


Kissmanga is your typical website that has all your favorite manga collection. They are popular to most manga fans because they have a friendly community that regularly interacts to other fans such as you.

Kissmanga also accepts series requests in case there are new titles that are not yet listed on their collection. And if you prefer comics, they also have those on their library.

The site also offers anime and short novels for those who love some diversity on their plate. Visit Kissmanga now and get your dose of the high-quality manga.

Site link-

13Manga Here

Manga Here is the ultimate source of manga especially if you are a diehard fan. They have nicely themed website and a nice collection of manga titles that you might want to check out now.

Site link-


Manga.Club is one of the rarest websites that offer high-quality manga series that are usually not known to most people. As you will realize as soon as you visit the site that there are greater stories out there that are not getting enough attention. And this site has it all or at least most of it.

If you want to discover new great stories from amazing manga authors, you should visit Manga.Club right now. You will surely have a pleasant surprise.

Site link –

15Mental Manga

Mental Manga is the manga website for all addicts of the Japanese comics. This is where you will find an almost endless list of high-quality anime titles and some less popular but are still great collections.

The Mental Manga website is cross-platform compatible so you will have a great time accessing all your manga series whatever device you are holding. Come and check them out now.

Site link-


Batoto website is another of your best and free manga source that you need to have in your bookmark. The site is constantly updated, and you will never have to go anywhere else once you had a taste of their offerings. What can you ask for anyway? They are free and abundant.

Site link-


Crunchyroll is one of the top sources of anime and manga. They promise only 1-hour delay as soon as a new episode or new chapter is released from Japan. That means after one hour of the scheduled time, you will surely have a copy of the anime or manga on your device.

Crunchyroll is a premium website, but they offer 1-month free subscription when you sign up now. Try them out and see if this fits for you.

Site link-

18 Viz

Viz is a premium and paid website for all Shonen Jump releases. They offer legit copies and the latest ones as well. If you do not mind paying for a few bucks, you will surely love Crunchyroll immediately.

Site link-


MyAnimeList is another complete and legit source for all anime and manga releases. The offer the earliest versions so you will have your manga fix in not time just a couple of hours after the main broadcast from Japan.

Site link-

20Manga Spoiler

Manga Spoiler is not exactly your manga source but a spoiler for stories. The site caters for those who like to read more between the lines and discover first-hand what the author is trying to do with the story or of the latest chapter.

As the name of the website would suggest, you will get the community’s version of the latest releases plus their opinions about the current story and the entire story as a whole. If you like this type of website and their theme of service click the link now and visit the site.

Site link-

21Manga Park

Manga Park is another gem website for those manga fans that are looking for a different collection that your usual popular ones. They have a great library that will satisfy your insatiable manga cravings.

If this sounds like your kind of manga collection, click the link now and see what they have to offer.

Site link-

Check those sites for your favorite Mangas and for any query leave your feedback in the comment section.

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