The WatchCartoonOnline is a free anime website that has been around for quite some time. It offers all popular and less popular anime titles including the movie versions. There are dubbed anime for those who prefer the English language. And there are also the subbed anime if you prefer that as well.

Websites like Watch Cartoon online

If you are looking for other alternatives for this site, we have a great list for you. Here are the 21 websites like WatchCartoonOnline that you can check out right now.

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21 Websites like WatchCartoonOnline

Disclaimer: Watching Cartoon online for free may or may not be illegal. We are listing the following sites only for educational purpose, We do not recommend you illegally watch cartoon for free.


AnimePahe is an anime website that offers free video streaming of your entire favorite anime shows. They have a simple-looking website, but it is a complete library for all things anime.

They have a collection arranged in alphabetical order so finding your specific anime title will be easy and quick. Visit the AnimePahe website now.

Official Site Link –

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The 9Anime website is one of the most favorite anime website today. It has a great collection of anime series, and they are quite updated too.

9Anime is not just offering free anime streaming, but they also accept anime request. That is if there is a specific anime that is not yet included in their list which happens very rarely.

The site also provides schedules of all anime releases every single day. They have a dedicated page for anime schedule if you want to be on guard and updated of the latest anime episodes.

Official Site Link –

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3Anime Streams

The Anime Streams website has all your entire anime list. All your anime in English subtitle and even some versions of English dubbed.

Although the site is unimpressive in terms of overall look, it is still packed with all the popular anime titles plus more. They also accept a request if an anime title is not yet in their collection.

Official Site Link –

4Cartoon Network

Do you love Cartoon Network? Well, here’s more reason to love them. The Cartoon Network website offers all the Cartoon Network content plus some web-based games for your kids. This is probably the most fun website that you and your kids could share right now.

Official Site Link –


AnimeUltima is the website that segregated its anime titles by genre. This means that you will either search your favorite anime titles by search service or find it by navigating through the list of anime titles on their specific genre.

The site has a straightforward interface. You get all the latest releases right away as soon as you are on their homepage. Now click the link and see the AnimeUltima now.

Official Site Link –

6Anime Show

Anime Show is your anime website with a simple design and tons of anime collection. Search the Anime Show according to a genre or discover a new anime series using the Random Anime tab.

Official Site Link –

7Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is a very popular anime website. Most anime avid fans and anime lovers go to this site. They have one of the most collection anime related features from news, manga, and latest updates on any anime titles existing today.

Kiss Anime also has a movie section for all you movie fans out there. They also offer Asian TV series and some cartoons for those who like diversities. If this is your first time to hear about Kiss Anime, then you should head over there now and see what you’re missing.

Official Site Link –

8Otaku Stream

Otaku Stream is the heaven for all anime fans. It has built on a community of anime lovers from all around the world. It’s got a dedicated discussion forum to make all anime fans talk about ideas and latest episode releases.

The Otaku Stream is a free for all anime from TV series to movies. It’s all right here. Visit the site now.

Official Site Link –

9Anime Nova

The Anime Nova website has a very simple user interface. But don’t be fooled by your eyes. While the site is mostly text-based, it is never lacking when it comes to anime collection.

Anime Nova is also offering manga series and anime movies. So if you think you will love this site, you should love it, even more, when you come and visit it now.

Official Site Link –


The CartoonsOn website is a website for the western type of anime. This has all the American cartoons from Ice Age series, Mickey Mouse, Justice League, and many more.

If you are looking for this type of content then the Cartoons On is the best out there. It is free for all anytime and anywhere.

Official Site Link –

11Anime TV

The Anime TV is your one-stop shop for all things anime. Get the latest anime episodes on time and on-the-go. You will never have to miss another episode again with Anime TV.

Enjoy the list of popular anime movies at your fingertips. Come and visit the site now and bookmark Anime TV on your web browser.

Official Site Link –

12Twist Moe

Twist Moe is an anime website that offers free streaming services. It has a decent variety of anime titles, and they are updated for the latest new episodes. You could check them out and see their library of anime videos.

Official Site Link –

13Anime Heros

Anime Heros is a free website for all things anime. Get the latest episodes of your favorite anime series right on your device. It has a simple interface and easy to browse anime collection.

Official Site Link –


AnimeFLV is the home of all anime. This site is dedicated for all anime fans, but one must note that the subtitles for the videos are in Spanish. So if your native language is Spanish, then this anime site is definitely for you.

Official Site Link –

15Cartoon Crazy

The Cartoon Crazy is like a world library of all anime and cartoons. In this site, you will find not just your traditional Japanese anime titles but also some western and many more. If you want everything and all the anime that you can find on the internet, the Cartoon Crazy is your go-to website.

Watch One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, American dad, and a whole lot more. This is the place where all things anime and cartoons happen.

Official Site Link –


Chia-Anime has manga, anime soundtracks, and free video streaming of all your favorite anime titles. This could be your complete place for all your anime needs.

And if you get tired of watching the anime series, you can take a break by watching some Asian TV series. If this sounds good to you, why don’t you click that link now and start binge-watching ?

Official Site Link –

17Anime Freak TV

Anime Freak TV is one of the most popular anime websites that offers free video streaming and a wide range of anime titles. Browse by genre, alphabetically, popularity, or get the latest anime episodes and movie releases as soon as they are available online.

The Anime Freak is one reliable source for all things anime. Visit their site now to start watching.

Official Site Link –

18Anime Rhino

Anime Rhino is a free website that offers anime videos. It also has a vast cartoon list that you can browse and watch all you want.

The Anime Rhino website has a simple interface and finding your preferred anime series is just a few clicks away. Come and visit the site now.

Official Site Link –

The website is a mobile-friendly site that offers free anime streaming anytime and anywhere. In this site, you will find a whole list of new anime uploaded every single day. So if you are an avid anime fan, you won’t miss an episode here.

Official Site Link –


JustDubs or Just Anime Downloads is a website that not just offers free anime video streaming but also free anime downloads. So if you cannot watch the latest video right now, you can just download it on the background and watch for later.

Search anime by genre or find the latest or newest anime title available from the source. Click the link now and watch your anime series.

Official Site Link –


The HorribleSubs website is popular for all anime downloads. If you like your anime videos downloaded, this is the site for you. But you will need a torrent client to get your downloads up and running.

The site has a great list of anime collections, and they have the latest and fresh titles of anime available anywhere. If you want to be the first to get your daily supply of new episodes, go to HorribleSubs right now.

Official Site Link –

Check those sites for your favorite Cartoon and for any query leave your feedback in the comment section.

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